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Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding. Pro.23:23



Go with me in your bible to Luke the 11th. chapter reading verses 27 and 28. (And it came to pass, as he spake these things, a certain woman of the company lifted up her voice, and said unto him, Blessed is the womb that bare thee, and the paps which thou hast sucked. ver.28 But he said, Yea rather, blessed are they that hear the word of God, and keep it.)

Satan's Purpose For Interruptions & Distractions

With God's help, and by the anointing of the Holy Ghost I want to preach to you a message tonight about INTERRUPTIONS & DISTRACTIONS. Things that satan brings your way to try and get you away from the Word Of God.

How many of you here tonight, and you that are reading this message by way of the newsletter have a red letter edition bible? Now the reason I'm asking you this, is because there is something I want you to see.

Look at verse 17 through verse 26. What color is the writing? RED! Now look at verse 28 through verse 36, what color is it? RED! (verse 29 the writer Luke is giving some helpful information about what is going on, that's why it's in black writing.) Most of us know what the red letters mean in a red letter edition bible; but for you who my not know: every thing written in red is Jesus speaking, it's Jesus teaching, it's Jesus preaching!

Here's what I want you to see: Right smack dab in the middle of all that RED, (JESUS PREACHING) there's a BLACK verse, and it happened to be that little woman that jumps up right in the middle of Jesus' preaching and starts talking about how blessed Mary's womb and breast are! Oh, what an INTERRUPTION & DISTRACTION that was. Think about it. If you were there listening to Jesus' Holy Ghost Filled message, when all of a sudden someone jumps up and INTERRUPTS him and starts talking about His mothers womb and breast. If there were ever a INTERRUPTION & DISTRACTION of satan to ROB the Word of God from the hearts of that people, that was one.

Have you ever had any INTERRUPTION & DISTRACTIONS in your life? All of us have. Things that the devil brings your way to get your attention off the Word of God and the Things of God.

When you read from verse 17 through verse 26 it's clear to see the reason for satan using that little woman to try and DISTRACT the people from Jesus' message. I was telling the folks under the Revival Tent in Bowling Green, Ohio just a few weeks ago where the Lord had me to preach this message also, that it may not be a little woman that satan uses to jump up in the middle of the message all the time to INTERRUPT and to DISTRACT you to get your mind off the Word of God. It may be a nat or mosquito that that devil got into. Shout Amen. And just about the time your ready to dig into the message and get what you need from God; bizzzzzzzzz one of them flies right in your ear. Ah, I can see that some of you all know what I'm preaching about. INTERRUPTIONS & DISTRACTIONS! And satan will use anything he can to draw your attention from the Word of God

Someone may say: now brother Mike all that woman was doing was acknowledging how blessed Mary was to be the mother of Jesus, she meant no harm. Yes and every thing that little woman said that followed Paul and them around in Acts 16 was right too: BUT PAUL STILL HAD TO CAST THE DEVIL OUT OF HER! Someone Shout Amen.

Now I have seen some strange things in my time of preaching God's Word, and I know that you other ministers have to. And I have no problem with strange things IF GOD'S IN IT! But when satan is behind the strangeness it's always out of order, it never adds to what God is doing, it always takes away from that which God is doing in the service. It will always draw away from the Word of God, and from the LEADING OF GOD'S SPIRIT, and focuses on the NATURAL and CARNAL!

Satan doesn't want you HEARING and RESPONDING to the Word of God. Friend, there's POWER IN THE WORD OF GOD! Rom.1:16 says; (For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.) Your SALVATION IS IN THE WORD OF GOD, your DELIVERANCE IS IN THE WORD OF GOD, your HEALING IS IN THE WORD GOD, your MIRACLE IS IN GOD'S WORD, and that devil wants to draw your attention away from God's Word, and get you DISTRACTED with the NATURAL and on the CIRCUMSTANCES.

And this is what he is trying to do in this meeting Jesus is having. Now the reason satan wants to DISRUPT and DISTRACT the people from Jesus' message, is because Jesus is preaching to them HOW THEY CAN BE SET FREE FROM SATAN'S POWER! If you'll take the time to read from verse 17 through verse26 you'll find Jesus telling the devil possessed that it takes the STRONGER (which is JESUS) to cast out the strong man (which is satan). Someone Raise Your Hands And Shout Glory To God.

Now the devil says; O no, I've got to stop this message some how. He's stepping on my territory now. He's telling those folk that they can have victory over me. He's telling them that they don't have to put up with being bound by me any longer. He's telling them that if they'll let God's POWER, (which is Greater then the power of sin and darkness), come into their lives that it will DELIVER THEM and set them free from my power. I've got to do something to stop this quick: WOMAN GET UP AND SAY SOMETHING. So right in the middle of Jesus' preaching this little woman jumps up and hollers out. All heads turn to see what in the world is going on. What could this woman have to say that is so important she'd INTERRUPT the Lord?

You see, satan knows the power of God's Word. Praise God It's an END TO SATAN'S POWER, AND WORK IN THE LIVES OF THOSE WHO GIVE HEED TO THE WORD OF GOD! And he doesn't want you to latch in on the Word. He don't mind you latching in on the NATURAL, he don't mind you latching in on everything else around you: but he doesn't want you latching in on the Word, because when you latch hold of God's Word you'll find VICTORY OVER EVERYONE OF SATAN'S DEVICES, VICTORY OVER EVERYONE OF HIS STRONGHOLDS WHEN YOU LATCH HOLD OF THE WORD OF GOD!

I want you to know that it's not always BIG INTERRUPTIONS & DISTRACTIONS that are used to keep you away from the Word of God and the Work of God; sometimes all it took was a SMALL thing to do it. If you know what I'm preaching, Shout Amen. It could have been a fight broke out in the meeting, but it wasn't, just a little woman used by satan to speak words of CARNALITY.

The devil doesn't just want to Interrupt and Distract you: HE WANTS TO KEEP YOU INTERRUPTED and DISTRACTED! He wants you to live your whole life in CARNALITY and after the NATURAL. Now I know that we live in a natural world, and we must tend to those things at times: but God never intended for the NATURAL TO RULE AND DOMINATE THE SPIRITUAL! God show's us that all through His word. It is those that are LEAD BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD WHO ARE THE SON'S OF GOD! Not those who are lead by CARNALITY, the FLESH, and the NATURAL.

Now when things arise in your life you don't go and confer with the NATURAL any more; YOU NOW CONFER WITH THE WORD OF GOD! The reason many are defeated, and missing out on so many of God's blessings, is because they have been CONFERRING WITH FLESH AND BLOOD.

WHEN WE LOOK BACk to when God brought the children of Israel out of Egyptian bondage, what did He use? THE SUPERNATURAL! When He got them out what did He use to keep them out? THE SUPERNATURAL! And what was it that kept getting them in trouble with God? THE NATURAL, THE CARNAL, THE FLESH! If You Know It To Be The Truth, Shout Amen.

It was the SUPERNATURAL MIRACLE WORKING POWER OF GOD that gave them VICTORY over all of their enemies, and that kept them in VICTORY as long as they served and OBEYED God. And even at times when it LOOKED LIKE they were going to have to go back, as their standing on that side of the Red Sea, and Pharaoh's army is closing in on them fast, every thing in the NATURAL looked to be against them and many of them satan has filled their hearts with fear; he's telling them this is it, your done for, there's no way out of this trouble. But God says: IF I BE FOR YOU, WHO CAN BE AGAINST YOU? I didn't bring you to this place for you to let the NATURAL dictate the outcome. I didn't bring you out here for you to confer with the natural, nor to seek the advice of the carnal and fleshly, because do you know what that red sea is going to say if you ask it: no you can't come across! Oh, but when you get your eyes off the NATURAL, and you get them on God and His Word, God will say to the Red Sea: GET OUT OF THE WAY AND LET MY PEOPLE CROSS! Shout Glory, Shout Glory, Shout Glory.

Now if there were every a time when things look bad; that was. But as a child of God even when things LOOK their worse we are not to ACT ON WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE, WE ARE TO SEEK GOD, AND ACT ON THE WORD HE GIVES US!

Moses prayed, and the Lord said; Tell all the people to stand still and SEE MY SALVATION. Take that rod I gave you and stretch it out over the sea, because I'm going to use the SUPERNATURAL to get you out of this. The ARM OF FLESH can't get you out of this, but MY ARM is great enough to make a way where there seems to be no way. And I've come to let you know tonight, that the God that opened up the Red Sea for them to cross, and delivered them form Pharaoh and his army, is the same God that saved you, the same God that's WORKING FOR YOU, HE'S NOT WORKING AGAINST YOU AS HIS CHILD: HE'S WORKING FOR YOU! AND HE'S GOING TO MAKE A WAY FOR YOU TONIGHT! If you believe it nudge your neighbor and tell them; GOD'S GOING TO MAKE A WAY FOR ME! Here's what satan does; he uses the NATURAL TO DISTRACT US. You see he doesn't always use things that are themselves sinful to DISTRACT us from God's Word, and the Work of God in our daily lives, it's when we give all our attention to those things, and no longer PUT GOD'S WORD AND WORK FIRST IN OUR LIVES! How many know that it's not a sin to have a fishing boat? The sin is when THE BOAT HAS YOU! It's not a sin to own a hunting guns and fishing poles, but when the guns and fishing poles OWN YOU it becomes sin. This applies to anything in our lives, our WORK, our FAMILIES, our PETS, our LIVESTOCK, our FRIENDS, our MONEY etc.. now none of these things are sinful by themselves; BUT IT'S WHEN WE ALLOW THESE THINGS TO KEEP US DISTRACTED FROM THE WILL OF GOD FOR US IT'S THEN THAT WE HAVE COMMITTED SIN!

God wants us to be LEAD BY HIS SPIRIT IN EVERY THING WE DO. Did you know that as a child of God, your life now IS TO BRING GLORY TO GOD? As God's people our lives SHOULD SHOW FORTH THE POWER AND GLORY OF GOD! God says, I chose you so that the world can see MY GLORY, POWER, AND STRENGTH IN YOUR LIVES, TO BRING ME PRAISE, AND GLORY, AND HONOR IN THE EARTH! We have not been called to SHOW FORTH OURSELVES! One of the greatest hindrance to men and woman coming to Jesus, is that all they have seen out of many churches and so-called christians is FLESH, and CARNALITY. THE GLORY OF MAN, AND THE ABILITY OF MAN! But God says, if you'll move out of the way, if you get out of flesh, if you get out of the carnal, and start OPERATING BY MY SPIRIT, AND LET ME; I'LL GET SOMETHING DONE FOR YOU!

Jesus Brings Them Back To The Word

Let's look at verse 28 again, (But he said, Yea rather, blessed are they that hear the word of God, and keep it.) I like the way Jesus handles INTERRUPTIONS & DISTRACTIONS. He POINTS THEM BACK TO THE WORD OF GOD! Shout Amen Someone.

Satan tried to take their attention FROM THE WORD OF GOD by having this woman jump up and cause an INTERRUPTION & DISTRACTION to get their minds off the Son of God Jesus and His message, and focus them on Mary the mother of Jesus. And how many know that one of the greatest RELIGIOUS MOVEMENTS in the world, the Catholic Religion is doing the same thing today?

But heres what Jesus says about it: Hold up here, Do you want to know WHO IS BLESSED? IT'S THOSE THAT HEAR THE WORD OF GOD, AND KEEP IT! He brings them right back to the Word. He gets them back on track. Church we must get back on track, we can't let the INTERRUPTIONS and all of the DISTRACTIONS KEEP US OFF TRACK; JESUS IS POINTING US BACK TO GOD'S WORD!

I believe Jesus is calling to many in this hour that have allowed all the INTERRUPTIONS & DISTRACTIONS to draw them away from the Word of God and the Work of God, and He's calling: HEY, MY PEOPLE OVER HERE, OVER HERE, BACK TO THE WORD, BACK TO THE WORD, BACK TO THE WORD! You have let the INTERRUPTIONS & DISTRACTIONS TAKE YOU FROM MY WORD; BACK TO THE WORD! BLESSED ARE THEY THAT HEAR THE WORD, AND KEEP IT!

In Mat.17 we read about Jesus taking Peter, James and John up in the mountain with Him for him to be Transfigured. While their watching Jesus being Transfigured before them, all of a sudden Moses and Elijah appear beside Him. Now if you want to see a Jew get blessed, just let Moses show up. If you want to see a Jew really get blessed and excited, let Moses and Elijah show up. I want to tell you they'll have church! Shout Amen.

I want you to see this. Moses and Elijah appear, and I believe when Peter and them saw them they went: OH GLORY, OH HALLELUJAH, OH PRAISE THE LORD! And they probably danced a few steps. Moved with excitement. Now there's nothing wrong with getting EXCITED and EMOTIONAL IN OUR PRAISE. Just make sure your getting EXCITED and EMOTIONAL OVER THE RIGHT THING!

Peter gets so excited about wants taking place, that he speaks before he thinks. Hey Lord, we need to build three tabernacles up here on this mountain. One for You, one for Moses, and one for Elijah. Another INTERRUPTION, another DISTRACTION. Do you know that some times it can be church folk? And some times it can even be preachers. But just as soon as Peter speaks it, ver.5 says, (While he yet spake, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed them: and behold a voice out of the cloud, which said, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him.) God was saying to Peter in a nice way: Peter, be still. They don't need to hear what you think about it, THEY NEED TO HEAR MY SON JESUS! What is God doing? He's DIRECTING THEM BACK TO THE WORD! Somebody ought to Shout, Somebody ought to Praise The Lord.

I feel the Holy Ghost saying the same thing today; FLESH BE STILL. Preachers, teachers, christians YOU BE STILL! THIS GENERATION DOESN'T NEED TO HEAR US: THEY NEED TO HEAR JESUS! And until we start SPEAKING LIKE JESUS, BE STILL! Peter, Be Still. They don't need to hear what you think about it, because your talking in the carnal. Your talking in the natural, your not talking anything THAT'S WORTH ANYTHING. OR THAT'S WORTH HEARING: BE STILL! This is my beloved Son you HEAR HIM, YOU GET BACK TO THE WORD, GIVE YOUR ATTENTION TO THE WORD, FOR IT'S IN THE WORD THAT YOU HAVE LIFE, IT'S IN THE WORD THAT YOU HAVE VICTORY, AND IF YOUR GOING TO GET EXCITED ABOUT ANYTHING: GET EXCITED ABOUT JESUS AND THE WORD!

Many in this hour get more EXCITED ABOUT a CHICKEN DINNER, BEING ENTERTAINED, CHURCH sports EVENTS. etc.. then they are about JESUS AND HIS WORD! But I feel like Jeremiah when he said in Jer.15:16, ( Thy words were found, and I did eat them; and thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart: for I am called by thy name, O LORD God of hosts.)



Other Messages: Altar Of God - Sword - Covenant - Don't Drown - Complete Message List

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